Traps Drums UK | 12″ Snare drum 
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12″ Snare drum 


12″ Snare drum 

  • 12″ snare with cracking sound
  • Compatible with standard heads
  • Weighs less than 2Kg
  • Superb value

The Traps A400 Acoustic snare Drum is as brilliant as it is unique.

The precision shell is moulded from ABS Plastic allowing for extreme high tension tuning. The 8 Lug steel hoop offer precise tuning over a broad spectrum of tunings.
The integral bearing edge offers an exact seating for the factory supplied Remo head.
Unique ‘Paddle Bill’ Throw off, allows instant release of the fully adjustable snare wires. This means that the A400 snare has the additional ability to produce Latin/world percussion sounds or to function as an additional tom.
The plastic also allows the 12  inch Drum to be incredibly light compared to it’s wooden/metal counterpart. Making it amazingly portable as a stand alone instrument, or a superb add on for any conventional drum kit.


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