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  • Sturdy construction
  • Ultra-slim
  • All sizes available
  • Tough playing surface
  • 14″ Electronic cymbals
  • Fits any make of acoustic drums
  • Soft foam underside
  • Modules available

The Patented Traps EPad system is the first trigger pad system to fit conventional drum kits.

Great for silent practice, easy to fit on and fun to play, the EPads give you the opportunity to carry on playing your drum kit with almost no audio sound. Simply place the pads on your drums, plug them in and put your headphones on!

The packs include a standard sized set of pads Fusion (14″ snare, 10″, 12″ & 14″ toms and bass trigger) and Rock (14” Snare, 12”, 13” & 14” toms and bass trigger). Other sizes are available on request.

Also included in the pack is:- Electronic drum module (see more info), Colour coded cable harness, 3 x cymbals (Hi hat, Crash and Ride) and hi hat switch. Allowing time to set up for the first time, the EPad system will change your drum kit from Acoustic to Electronic in minutes.

EPads are constructed from a very high quality and durable ABS and are fitted with silencer inlays and acoustic foam underneath.

Of course because the EPads are all standard sizes it is possible to fit them to almost any drum kit

The electronic cymbals are also moulded with an internal trigger and NEW SOFTER PAD to damp out stick noise. The hi hat consists of one of these cymbals plus a switch triggered via a standard foot pedal so that it functions in the same way as an acoustic hi hat.

The Colour coded cable system makes set up straightforward and allows for easy removal and replacement of the pads.

Kick pad

The EPad Kick pad is fixed on using ‘Velcro’ strip allowing removal and replacement many times over. Because it is not the same size as the bass it will fit any bass drum easily.

We recommend dampening within the drum to silence the drum best.

Snare and tom pads

EPads are constructed from a very high quality and durable ABS and are fitted with silencer inlays and acoustic foam underneath. The real bonus is that they are the same size as the drums so your kit fitted with the EPad system feels are close to your kit as possible and no changes to setup need be made.


The beautifully molded electronic cymbals included in the E500 kit are molded from ABS with an inset rubber pad to keep stick noise to a minimum. Each cymbal has a built in trigger. The hi hat also has a switch which mounts on the standard hi hat pedal stand to allow hi hat open, closed and closing sounds.


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