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  • Fully equipped Electronic drum kit
  • Dual Zone chokeable cymbals
  • Dual Zone snare and tom drums
  • Triple ply mesh heads
  • 12″ snare, 8″,10″,12″ toms
  • 16″ Bass drum
  • Good quality hardware
  • Accepts double pedals


Now with an IMPROVED MODULE, the EX400 is our newest portable electronic kit. It feels like a regular drum kit and allows for Kit and sound adjustment.

Unlike other electronic drums you get a standard sized set of drums dual trigger 12″ snare, dual trigger 8″ tom, 10″ tom, 12″ tom and single trigger 16″ kick drum.

These are fitted with mesh heads and our new under skin trigger system for near silent performance. So when used with headphones you can turn the volume right up and practice to your hearts content without upsetting the neighbors and/or your parents,girlfriend,boyfriend. Alternatively plug the output into a PA and blow the crowd away at your next gig.

The drums are constructed from a very high quality and durable ABS and are fitted with mesh heads*, steel counter hoops and are tuned with the traditional multi screw tuning system.

The NEW electronic cymbals are also moulded with DUAL ZONE triggering and NEW SOFTER PAD to damp out stick noise.

The hi hat consists of one of these cymbals plus a switch triggered via a standard foot pedal so that it functions in the same way as an acoustic hi hat, unlike any other kit in the EX400 price range.

The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made from substantial 1 1/2″ steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it’s put when the kit is set up and doesn’t move.

The system is completed by the NEW EX400 Module packed with the following features:


  • Onboard Recording
  • Click Track With Voice, Time Signature, Tempo, interval and Volume Adjust
  • Change and Save Instruments/Volumes and More!
  • Adjust Reverb/Surround/Pan Sounds and Much More!
  • Easy to Read Display
  • Colour Coded Cable Harness
  • Further expansion for an extra tom and cymbal
  • 674 voices (inc Drums, Percussion, SFX and more)
  • 40 Preset and 59 User Kits
  • 120 Preset and 100 User Songs
  • Built in 4-Band Master EQ
  • USB
  • Midi in and Out

16″ Kick drum

The EX400 16″ kick drum is an uncompromising design fitted with a mesh* head on the back complete with the NEW SURE TRIGGER PAD MOUNTED IN THE CENTER allowing exact precise triggering with both single and double pedals. It is also fitted with a chrome plated steel hoop.

The shell is made from a robust high quality injection moulded ABS fitted with custom dual mounting points ideally suited to mounting in the EX400 rack mount system. A strong metal plate is fitted to the bottom of the rear counter hoop so that when the kick pedal is fitted the beater strikes the head at the optimum position – top of the upstroke.

12″ Snare drum

The EX400 12″ dual trigger snare drum has a great feel as a result of the high quality ABS moulding combined with the chrome plated steel counter hoops, triple ply mesh heads* and 8 square headed tension screws.
Fitted with a Traps under skin dual trigger, head and rim triggers and mesh heads this drum is very responsive.

8″, 10″ and 12″ toms

The EX400 8″,10″ and 12″ Toms have a great feel as a result of the high quality ABS moulding combined with the chrome plated steel counter hoops, mesh heads* and square headed tension screws.
Fitted with a Traps under skin dual trigger and mesh heads these drums are very responsive.


New to the EX range are the 12″ dual zone cymbals for the crash and ride set ups. Fitted with anti spin mounts these cymbals are the best from Traps yet


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